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Daniel P. Dominique aka “NYQE Unorthodox” was born in Queens NY in 1979. He began writing as teenager in NE Portland, then started making his own beats when he was 19. He is east coast hip-hop, in the Pacific NW. After working with J.Lately from the bay area he was humbled to have received this review: “I’ve had the pleasure of rocking with NYQE a few times now and I got a lot of respect for his humble yet persistent work ethic. He definitely takes pride in his craft and it shows. Songs like “RUN” are an example of his clever wordplay and inherent motivational message. This dude goes to work.”


He is in the beginning stages of his sophomore album “Uncoordinated Coordination.” With this project NYQE has begun to dig deeper within his organic, self-made style. His sounds will portray heavier production, mixed with intangible wordplay. The highly anticipated second album will be released Early 2016. To book a dynamic live show or stay updated on all things NYQE go to; In the past two years, he has shared the stage with the likes of; Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Talib Kweli, Big Krit, and Kuzzo Fly. These opportunities have enhanced his experience and have helped create his magnetic stage presence. Developing his own lane, continuing the original intentions of what “MC’s” stood for.


He is currently wrapping up a project with Echocloud Entertainment out of Vancouver Canada. Two major videos will be released, summer 2015. That project will finalize his work with his debut album, “Mental Criminal.” Which can be found at online retailers such as, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and hundreds more.


NYQE is relentlessly focused on his path to international acclaim. Learning and improving, stage by stage. Leaving crowds in awe of his charismatic, engaging Lyricism.



Mental Criminal (Full Album)

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Pied Piper (Music Video)


Run (Music Video)

Opposition (Music Video)

You Will Never (Music Video)

A.D.D. (Music Video)